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    LP CTR Mod for Prosper 1.3.2

    Posted by JasperP on August 5th, 2009

    It has to come to my attention that the LP CTR mod doesn’t work with the new prosper202 1.3.2.  I’m still trying to understand what changed in the code.

    Hopefully, I can get it fixed before ASE.

    Stay tuned…

    ***EDIT (8/5/09): Found out what the problem was.  It was pointing to the wrong location of the script.  

    I corrected the relative path in keywords_lpctr.php, referers_lpctr.php, and text_ads_lpctr.php.  (Added ‘/tracking202/ajax/’ to loadContent() function)

    ***EDIT (8/6/09): “Referrers LP CTR” might not be working for some people.  I made another change in referers_lpctr.php.

    ***EDIT (8/7/09): Found an error in the “OVERVIEW” tab.  The day-parting, week-parting was not visible because it was using the older Prosper 1.2 version.  Fixed it again.

    Sorry for all the updates.  I guess I was in a rush to fix the problem without thoroughly testing it.  I would suggest anyone to wait a week or two to see if any more bugs show up.  Thanks.

    ***EDIT (8/17/09): Thanks to Daniel Brady, another error was  found in the script.  I’ve corrected and tested it for a couple days and so far so good.  I’ve updated the new download.

    ***EDIT (8/18/09): Thanks to Tony Tsai, he found another error when clicking on the columns to sort the clicks, clickthroughs, etc.  It’s pretty much the same error as before, which required me to make sure the entire path to the php files are referenced.  Basically, the path “/tracking202/ajax/” needs to be inserted in every instance that I refer to the sort_.php files. 

    Download it here: LPCTRModV3.zip for Prosper202 1.3.2

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