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August 23rd, 2010

Prosper202: LP CTR Mod for 1.5.x-1.6.x

I’ve gotten a number of emails and comments regarding the LP CTR mod for the newly released Prosper 1.5.x-1.6.x. If you tried to use the LP CTR code, it doesn’t work with the new version because the MySQL queries were changed by Mr. Mahler. I’ve updated the code and it appears to be reporting correctly. […]

August 5th, 2009

LP CTR Mod for Prosper 1.3.2

It has to come to my attention that the LP CTR mod doesn’t work with the new prosper202 1.3.2.  I’m still trying to understand what changed in the code. Hopefully, I can get it fixed before ASE. Stay tuned… ***EDIT (8/5/09): Found out what the problem was.  It was pointing to the wrong location of […]