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    Tracking202 Pro Is Finally Available To The Public!

    Posted by JasperP on March 25th, 2009

    In case you didn’t know already, Tracking202 Pro is finally out of beta and released to the public.  This is the hottest tracking system for search marketers and if you know the reputation of Tracking202/Prosper202, then you should know that this is a quality tracking system.


    What is Tracking202 Pro?

    Tracking202 Pro is a fully automated tracking system that pulls in data from the 3 major search engines as well as CPA networks to reconcile the revenue and cost data.  This means you can see the profitability from each search engine, keyword, text ad, etc without having the manually log the data in yourself!

    Sounds interesting, what are some of the features of Tracking202 Pro?

    • Full Integration with Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and Microsoft AdCenter
    • Full Integration with the Affiliate Networks
    • Check out your stats from an iPhone or web-capable mobile phone
    • The system updates all of destination URLs and pulls creatives automatically
    • Content network and search network can be viewed separately
    • Conversion tracking down to the keyword level
    • Bidded Vs. Searched Keyword Analysis
    • Real Time Spy View 

    I have Tracking202 already, why should I get Tracking202 Pro?

    T202Pro and T202 are completely different tracking systems.  This means that Pro is not an “UPGRADE” of the regular version but a different way of monitoring and optimizing campaigns.  

    If you have been using Tracking202/Prosper202 for awhile, you know the pains of searching for converting keywords in your campaigns and determining the profitability of them.  This system completely automates the cost analysis of your ads and keywords without having to go and look for them.

    How much does it cost?

    Tracking202 Pro is very affordable for the affiliate marketers looking to take it to the next level.  Now if you haven’t made your first sale yet, then I would probably stay away from this platform.  The pricing is basically a fixed monthly fee based on the number of clicks plus API fees and a fixed $0.004 click charge.

    Also, you get a 7-day Trial to check out some of the features of Tracking202 Pro.

    Check out the pricing by visiting the Tracking202 Pro page: 

    I’ve never heard of Tracking202, what kind of reputation do they have?

    I’ve personally met Wes and Steven and I can say that these two guys are one of the most respected and well-trusted people in the affiliate marketing industry.  They’ve put out a free tracking system (Tracking202/Prosper202) that has revolutionized the way we build our campaigns.  The Tracking202 Pro system is another quality tracking system that will take affiliate marketing to the next level.

    Here are some of the reputable businesses that are sponsoring Tracking202 Pro:

    WebTraffic2Go offers the most responsive and compliant offers out there with competitive payouts. Our constantly growing network is a favorite for many reasons including strong personal affiliate relationships. We strive to do our best to maximize benefits to our affiliates including providing the best offers (even when we don’t have it, we’ll get it) and go as far as to create personalized, custom offer pages to meet your needs. We bring true exclusive offers and direct advertiser relationships in many sought after verticals and have a team of dedicated and experience managers to meet the both the demands and needs of our affiliate. Let us help you optimize your online marketing campaign. See for yourself what our knowledge, offers, and experience can do to boost YOUR ECONOMY!


    Neverblue is a premier global lead generation network that delivers millions of profitable customers to clients from all over the world, including members of the Fortune 1000. Neverblue values strong affiliates, because they’re what make us better! Neverblue is a wholly-owned, Canadian subsidiary company of Vertrue Inc., an $800 million internet direct marketing services company. Check us out today!


    eAdvertising is one of the leading premier networks that specializes in Acai, Colon, and Facial offers among others and offers exclusive media buy help and expertise for those looking to expand on traffic sources. With so much to offer, take a look at what eAdvertising has to offer today.


    AKMG prides itself in personal affiliate relationships, solid offers, and personalize attention. AKMG will work with affiliates to ensure that they will profit and prosper. Come check out AKMG now.


    One of the oldest networks around, Affiliate.com has plenty to offer new and veteran affiliates. Come by and check us out.


    The Epicenter Network is a company that was built from the ground up to help Affiliate Marketers succeed. We’ve built several platforms and tools to accomplish this, including DM2, an affiliate-targeted website building and marketing platform, and EpicenterAds, a contextual advertising platform. Our CPA network, Epicenter Select, is an elite, invite only, performance-based online advertising network. Striving to deliver the highest quality traffic on the web, Epicenter Select limits traffic sources to search, email, and display. At Epicenter, our publishers always come first. We provide exclusive and direct campaigns, top payouts, flexible payment terms and methods, personalized customer service and reliable, easy-to-use systems.

    In conclusion, Tracking202 Pro is a great system for the intermediate and advanced affiliate marketer.  Check out their website for more information.

    Tracking202 Pro Website

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