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    202 News: Los Angeles Affiliate Marketing Meetup

    Posted by JasperP on December 16th, 2008

    This Saturday, we’re having our LAST meetup of the year.  So for those people who are in the Los Angeles area, you need to come out for this event to network with other affiliate marketers.

    In the last meetup, we had about 30 people show up and it was fun meeting different types of people in the internet marketing industry.  I made some awesome contacts with people and currently spin ideas off each other to see what works and what doesn’t.

    So, if you’re a struggling affiliate or an experienced one, you can benefit from making new contacts and learning from the experiences of others.

    Here’s the details:

    What: Los Angeles Affiliate Marketing Meetup
    Where: Lost Souls Cafe, Downtown LA
    When: Saturday, Dec 20 @ 1pm

    Also, I gotta give props to Wes and Steven of Tracking202 for organizing these meetups throughout the world.  These guys really know their affiliate marketing and are a pleasure to meet.  They’re nice guys and are willing to answer questions whenever they are available.

    You can check out other meetups at meetup202.com.

    Other 202 News is that Tracking202 Pro is in beta! Currently, they are taking applications for a free beta test where the monthly fees are waived EXCEPT for API charges.  If you’re familiar with the Tracking202/Prosper202 family of applications, T202 Pro is going to blow your mind.  There are some features that will be available on T202 Pro that is not available in the free versions.

    Apply now: http://prosper202.com/blog/tracking202-pro-private-beta

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