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    Prosper202 1.7.2 Released!

    Posted by JasperP on October 17th, 2011

    Wow. I haven’t posted for almost a year! I’m still alive and kicking, just working on new projects and stuff.

    Anyway, Nana over at Tracking202 just released the new version of Prosper202 and guess what? My LP CTR mod is now integrated into Tracking202! It only took a couple years! lol

    He also fixed the excel issue that was never updated in my LP CTR mod. Now when you download the excel file, you can see the LP CTR column in the spreadsheet.

    Check out some of the new features:

    • Faster Redirects
    • Faster Landing Page Pixels
    • Mobile Optimized Stats
    • Conversion202
    • Better Mobile & Desktop Browser Support
    • 3rd party pixel fires
    • Landing Page CTR Mod
    • Subid Injection Mod
    • Updated interface
    • Delete notifications
    • Data management tools

    You can read more about the new release on the Tracking202 Blog or download it now:

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